Heroes Origin rpg is a very attractive game that when play won’t want to leave

« Heroes Origin rpg  » is a repetitive and playable round strategy game. Online mode can improve its fun to a higher level, but relatively high hardware requirements and insufficient smooth engine performance may be Bring trouble to some players. As the second generation descendant of Vivagames’ renewed classics, Heroes Origin rpg is still inferior to the prehistoric three or four generations in terms of content depth. Heroes, units, and skills are all working hard to simplify, and this change is obviously more inclined. The trend of networking is also an indirect result of Vivagames’ anti-piracy strategy.

Heroes Origin rpg
The racial setting in the six generations is more streamlined than the previous ones. There are only five churches, the hell, the cemetery, the stronghold, and the five major races in Pazhou. The name is a bit confusing, and it is actually an old acquaintance. The sanctuary is an alias of the human empire. The cemetery is the undead. The hell is the abyss demon. The base is equivalent to the orc family. The so-called Pazhou is just aquarium. The sacred sacred clothes are bright and sturdy. It seems that there must be more prestige and more prestige. The overall comprehensive strength can be ranked first. The only defect is that it is too heavy for melee. The combat unit of Hell Mozu is rough and rough, and the luck is high. , but the morale is not stable; the undead in the cemetery is slow, good at cursing and other Debuff, The biggest advantage is that the immunization morale strikes; the beasts of the strongholds are quick to charge, and the high devil resistance attribute makes them the best candidates to restrain the demons, but the long-range firepower and protection are weak; the Pazhou is a high-precision route, attack and defense The strength is strong, but the cost is high and the number is small, there is no medical unit and the long-range firepower is weak.
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